The Ylem

20th April 2015

Have you ever wondered why is that fantasy plays a big role in our lives? I was wondering that the other day. It was my sister’s night off and we wanted to watch a movie in Netflix. She asked me what genre I was in the mood to watch and my answer popped up in my head right away: fantasy. That answer not only came that night, it comes up every single time someone asks me the same thing. Fantasy. Fantasy. It’s like a carnivorous plant trapping every single foreign cloud of ideas. So, I asked myself “isn’t there something else you like to watch besides hobbits and fairies and evil wizards?” To my relief, there was a big survivor: romance. Yes, if it isn’t obvious, I love chick-flicks, and I think they are way underestimated. There are really good ones out there thanks to wonderful writers like Nicholas Sparks. Even guys don’t flinch at the thought of watching his movies. Astonishing if you ask me.

Everyone knows love is a crucial ingredient in every story, the pinch of salt to a bland concoction, and for people like me who never tire of having butterflies in their stomachs, love is everything. I can’t remember any of my friends not having dreamed of a brooding knight, or a sexy Spider-man, coming to save them from their soaring tower. At one point or another, we, Venus descendants, have dreamed of being rescued by a dazzling man, rescued from that tower that confines our spirit, that tower that embodies the monotony in life. We secretly wish for an “out-of-the-box” story, not one that limits us to kitchen duties or paperwork. Deep inside ourselves, we know there’s more to life than that. And fantasy is a key to realize that.

But more than a key, it’s an escapade. A journey that takes us far away from our linear, mundane dimension. It’s a big gulp of air. That’s why I love to write about things that aren’t tangible. It offers us a chance to experience something beyond our reality, to fuel our dreams with excitement. Fantasy, like love, expands our spirit. And we need that.

We also need an anchor. Have you heard of the yin yang? Complementary opposites? How there’s always something good in the bad and something bad in the good? It’s an ancient Chinese understanding of how things work in life. For me, it all comes down to this. If we don’t embrace our problems, our distresses, or our “dysfunctional” husband or boyfriend, the landing to reality will be a killing one, face down with bits of our brains splattered everywhere. Reality is our anchor. We need it as we need fantasy. They feed off each other. A good story always keeps this balance, and I try to stick to this formula as close as I can in my books. Just ask Kalista, my wonderful leading character in The Ylem Trilogy. She knows this Yin Yang philosophy by heart. Perfect things aren’t as fun as imperfect things. As we secretly wish for white knights, we secretly ask for dark knights. As we secretly wish for fantasy, we secretly wish for reality, too. Imperfection drives our lives and that’s what makes it so good, don’t you think?

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