Girl On Fire

2nd May 2015

Review: Pretty much everyone has heard of The Hunger Games, and most have their own opinions about the series. What we rarely get to see, is an author share their thoughts about a book or series. The Girl Who Was On Fire gives us that chance. Each author focuses on a certain topic, or issue, in the book and they explain their thoughts on the trilogy.

I had several sections of this book that stood out as favorites. Each author brought humor and fascinating theories to support their outlook. Sarah Rees Brennan had some very funny comments regarding the love and sexy-times in the series. She admits she’s “a filthy-minded creature from the gutter”. It’s so nice to see authors open up and show that they are just like us! *wink*

Cara Lockwood focused on the science behind some of the creatures we see in The Hunger Games; tracker jackers, and mutts. I was shocked to read about some of the scientific experiments that have been conducted by researchers, in real life. Scary stuff! It proved that maybe tracker jackers may not be far from our future.

For me, I really loved how each section brought back memories from reading the book. It gave me a lot to think about and pointed out things I had missed along the way. As readers, we often focus on different things we notice in the book but The Girl Who Was On Fire lets us have time to slow down and concentrate on each individual issue.

Other stories discuss the fashion, politics, media, and of course, the relationships we all come to enjoy during the trilogy. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games series, and would like to see how authors feel about the story, you gotta read this book. Each story is interesting in its own way and helps the reader look back at these books that have been embraced so much by teens and adults.

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