Descended By Blood

2nd May 2015

Review: Okay, seriously, if you are a lover of paranormal YA books with a scorching romance, get this book ASAP!

Debut author Angeline Kace delivers a action-packed paranormal story with remarkable characters, an unpredictable plot, and a steamy romance that will have your heart pounding!

Brooke has had a difficult life and it’s been hard for her to get close to anyone since she moves around so often. But she’s finally found a best friend, Kaitlynn, and a boy she likes, Jaren. She finally feels like she has some routine to her life and her relationship with Jaren seems to be exactly what she needed.

Then they both have a close encounter with something not human and Brooke realizes she may not be completely human as well. From there she is taken on a wild journey to discover who she truly is. During this time Brooke and Jaren have their issues but it seems they are stuck together in order to stay safe. They are taken away from their homes in order to seek the protection from a group they didn’t even know existed.

But in this new vampire world, we meet the wonderful, dangerous, bad boy…Mirko. Ohh, how I love him! He is Brooke’s new protector and he doesn’t hide the fact that he knows he’s hot! Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, but I adore bad boys with an attitude. But not just that..they have to have that soft side that sometimes comes to the surface. Mirko was so rough and intimidating, but around Brooke he seemed to melt. Even with his flirty words, it was easy to see how much he really cared for Brooke.

It may seem that Brooke has an easy choice (*cough* Mirko) but she loved Jaren first and it’s hard to forget their times together. And this book isn’t just about the total hotness that is Mirko, it had a truly fascinating plot that was full of action! Brooke was a character that you could see grow over time. She didn’t back down from what needed to be done. I really enjoyed her strength and courage and seeing her shine throughout the story.

I highly recommend this book! I can’t say enough good things about it and I’m already stalking Angeline to find out when book 2 will be released. When you read it, I guarantee you will fall in love. So, who will it be with…are you Team Jaren or Team Mirko?

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