Counsellors and Psychologists

1st May 2015

Stress is the normal part of our life; everyone experience stress at some point in their life. But when the stress of life leads to the unpleasant activities or other negative changes, it is the time to seek help from a therapist. Counselling or psycho therapy by Change Makers Counselling can be an effectual treatment for emotional and mental problems. But in order to take its benefits, it is important to select the right therapist—someone who makes you feel cared for and helps you to gain positive changes for the better in your life. A good therapist can helps you to become stronger and self-aware. If you are seeking to find How do counsellors and psychologists help people, here you can find some important consideration regarding psychologist and counselors.

How Counsellors can help people:

If you are struggling with emotional concern, counseling can be an effective way to handle your personal problems with the help of professional counsellor. Well trained counselor aid you to resolve your problems in positive way to develop strategies, increase self-awareness and clarify issues. Personal concern involves relationship difficulties, depressions, grief, anxiety and difficult life circumstances. A counsellor can provide a secure space for people to talk and explore difficult feelings. Therefore, counsellor can provide complete support to you and respect your views.

A Counsellor can help people to:
Cope with work related or redundancy stress. Deal with the issues preventing you from achieving your ambitions Deal with feelings of sadness or depression, and have a more positive outlook in life Deal with anxiety and help you to reduce stress. Feel more confident and understand yourself better. Develop a better understanding of people’s points of view

How Psychologists can help people:

Psychologists have the clinical and professional skills to help people to manage more effectively with life issues as well as psychological health problems. Psychologists may helps by using various techniques which is based on the unique characteristics, values, goals and circumstances. Some people experience depression or anxious for a long time or they want help for a chronic situation that is interfering with their life as well as physical health. In this case, psychologists can assist you to deal with stressful conditions and manage their chronic illness. Psychologist interprets a range of assessments and tests that can help to diagnose condition about the way of an individual feels and behaves. These tests may assess intellectual skills, vocational aptitude and preference, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, neuropsychological functioning and personality characteristics. Therefore, Psychotherapy offers people the opportunity to recognize affecting factors that contribute to their depression and to deal effectively with the behavioral, psychological and interpersonal causes. Skilled psychologist can work with the depressed individuals to:

-Identify distorted or negative thinking patterns which contribute depression.

-Explore thoughts and behaviors which create health problems and contribute to sadness.

-Help to regain a sense of control with pleasure in life.

-Ensure that they are happy and perform to the best of their skills.

Hence, psychologist and therapists’ helps you to deal with and overcome the mental issues which make you feel uncomfortable.

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